Review - Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp

1/29/2010 10:04:00 AM

Sometimes I wonder who comes up with some of these product names out there. Anyway, I figured I give my personal perspective and experience on some of the running gear I have purchased. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to test out a new headlamp (Petzl Tikka Plus 2) I purchased just two weeks ago after basically running a technical trail "blind" one morning at 4AM. I figured it could substantially extend my trail running career, if you want to call it that, if I used a headlamp of some sort during my early morning or night runs.
This particular headlamp has 5 lighting modes (3 white, 2 red) and provides a single flood LED light that can be tilted to your preference. It provides 50 Lumens of light output. It also has a low battery indicator which should come in handy when packing your bags for that next ultra. After all, who wants to be on the trail with an expensive headlamp and come across a mountain lion, only to have their batteries die, right? After reading some online reviews, I went down to our local running store and checked out some lights. The staff confirmed the positive feedback I had read about the headlamp online. After trading in a $10 gift certificate I received for a recent third place age group finish in a local 5k race, I ended up paying an additional 25 or 30 dollars to pay for the lamp. This proved to be a worthy investment. First, placing the batteries was very easy and adjusting the strap was no problem either. I was initially worried that this headlamp did not have an additional strap going across the crown of my head for a secure fit but these worries proved unfounded. The lamp stayed put on the entire trail run. There was no bouncing or sliding up or down of the headlamp at all. In addition, there was no discomfort during the entire run nor did I have a hot spot on my forehead, where the lamp was placed. The light switch on top of the headlamp made turning it on and off during the run easy. The visibility provided was excellent, at least for my needs. We ran a very technical mountain trail and I never felt that I did not have sufficient visibility of the surface and terrain. The standard tilt of the headlamp provided a setting that was sufficient for my entire run. I only head to tilt up my head slightly to read the trail signs ahead before returning to my usual running form to watch my next step. Overall, I have nothing negative to add to this gear review. However, I will updates to this post as necessary.

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