Review - Energizer LED Headlamp

9/03/2010 07:58:00 PM

I purchased the Energizer LED headlamp at Walmart for $13 USD and took it for a test run this morning. The Energizer Headlamp has 6 LEDs and comes with the 3 AAA bateries required to operate it. Trail runners have the following 4 lighting options: Focus beam (2 white LEDs for spot projection), wide beam (2 wider positioned white LEDs for flood dispersion), wide + focus (4 LEDs for maximum light output ), and red beam (2 red LEDs for night vision). According to the Energizer website, the headlamps get up to 75 hours of run time on 3 AAA batteries. I have not been able to test that just yet. It weighs 2.9 oz. (with alkaline batteries) and tilts downward for directional light placement. My first impression of this headlamp is that it is certainly bright enough toget the job done. I was able to adjust the head strap quickly and easily and it felt comfortable. The switch was easily accessible while running and the headlamp stayed in position. However, the strap did not prevent sweat from running into my eyes. Instead, it actually channeled sweat through gaps next to each side of the actual headlamp, where the strap meets the lamp. For some reason, it is not flush like my other headlamp thereby creating these little "sweat channels" right into my eyes. I also had the constant feeling that the headlamp was bobbing up and down while I was running. The lamp fit tight, but the hinge allowing the lamp to be directed downwards also made it feel less "stable". I am not sure the technology behind the hinge was fully thought through. Maybe it's just a case of "you get what you paid for". I am certain it will do a decent job being a backup headlamp and others have given this headlamp high remarks. However, I would give it three out of five stars and would not purchase it as my primary trail running light source.

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  1. There are currently newer headlamps nowadays that can take care of your camping, trekking or hunting needs. For safety reasons, I always consider the brand and the lumens of the LED headlamp for durability and safety. Nothing beats trusted brands and I feel that we shouldn't buy substandard products that can only be used once and put our life in peril. If you need to buy anything, read reviews first and don't hesitate to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Click on this site to read more reviews: