I am a father, husband and IT professional, who grew up in Northern Germany, moved to the Unites States and picked up running about 15 years ago and ultrarunning 10 years ago. In my quest to continually explore new places and find my physical and mental limits, I have completed 100+ ultra marathon distance events.

After experiencing multiple DVTs and bilateral pulmonary emboli as a result of a traumatic ankle injury in 2012, I found a renewed appreciation for adventure and life in general. I now try to raise awareness about blood clots and clotting disorders especially as it pertains to endurance athletes.

Running highlights include completing the Everest 100 Mile Trail Race in the Himalayas of Nepal, the Fat Dog 120 Miler in British Columbia, Canada, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in Chamonix, France (2x) and the Cruel Jewel 100 Miler along with various other 100 milers.

In 2019, I became the 41st person in 30+ years to complete “The Last Great Race,” which consists of running the six oldest 100 milers in the US over the course of 14 weeks, Old Dominion 100, Western States 100, Vermont 100, Angeles Crest 100, Leadville Trail 100 and Wasatch Front 100. 4 weeks later, I completed the 8th oldest 100 miler, the Arkansas Traveler 100 as a bonus.


This blog mostly chronicles my long distance adventures and endurance races along with the occasional gear review as well as some articles about how to train and plan for these types of adventures. I hope you enjoy.