I am a native of Germany, who has spent almost half of his life in the US. I have been running for about 15 years and completed my first marathon in 2008 and my first ultra in 2009. I have a history of blood clots. Having experienced multiple DVTs and bilateral pulmonary embolisms in 2012 as a complication of a severe ankle injury, I am thankful to be alive. While I am out there participating in ultra marathon races and adventures, I want to use this second chance to raise awareness about blot clots and clotting disorders and to raise funds for the National Blot Clot Alliance (NBCA) and its "STOP THE CLOT" campaign. This blog also represents my attempt to chronicle my trials and errors during training and races and the continued struggle to find not only the perfect training load and diet, but also the perfect selection of gear and gadgets, ranging from shoes to socks to hydrations packs and different layers of clothing to keep all of the "hypos" (hyponatremia, hypothermia, etc.)  at bay, hopefully providing some insight to my fellow ultra running enthusiasts.