Sunday, March 20, 2016

Race Report - 2016 Georgia Death Race 68M

Huntsville ultra runners were well represented at this year's GDR.
I had run the Georgia Death Race for the first time last year and really had no intention of running it again. After all, why would you want to suffer the same way more than once:-) However, I changed my mind after I decided to sign up for the Cruel Jewel 100 Miler as my goal race for the year. What better way to get ready then to run part of the course during the GDR. In addition, the course was reversed this year to reflect the direction it was originally intended to be run in, but had to be changed last year due to heavy rainfalls. This would mean an entirely different race experience. The weather was also going to be much better than last year, when fog and 24 hour downpours made it impossible to enjoy any of the scenery. On top of all of that, we had 10 Huntsville runners sign up for this thing, including most of my regular training crew. How could I turn that down:-)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Race Report - 2016 Black Warrior 50K

Cool shirt and pretty sweet award.
The Black Warrior 50K was only my third ultra marathon in early 2010. Since then I've logged many a miles and ultra distance races. I remember the horse trails very vividly from that year, frozen pot holes that could threaten some serious ankle injuries. Luckily, none of that materialized and I finished the race in one piece. Fast forward six year. I had just finished another Mountain Mist 50K and decided not to join my local running buddies at Mt. Cheaha 50K this year. Last year's edition had left me with an unpleasant ankle injury, which I did not want to repeat this year. I figured why not go back to Black Warrior to give it another go.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Race Report - 2016 Mountain Mist 50K

Seeded at Mountain Mist for the very first time.
I had had been training pretty hard for this year's edition of the Mountain Mist. I hit my A goal last year, so I had high hopes and expectations of myself for this year's go-around. While I did travel for work in the weeks leading up to Mountain Mist, luckily my destination was Switzerland, so I was able to do some training runs in a very appropriate climate and environment (Swiss Alps). After my disappointing run at the Rocket City Marathon, I was hitting a pretty low point in my running and training. I hadn't really shown any speed ever since coming back from an ankle injury at Mt. Cheaha 50K in February of last year and UTMB hadn't done much for my speed either, but I did finish that thing, so there's that:-) I had started to hit the second half of the Mountain Mist course pretty much on a weekly basis, even throwing in one back to back run of said section on a Friday night followed by a Saturday morning.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Race Report - 2015 Recover From The Holidays 50K

My running year 2015 could not have ended on a better note. While it had been a truly amazing year of running adventures, I have had my share of disappointing finishes from the 5K all the way to the 68 mile distance between March and December of this year. The year had started off extremely well at Pistol Ultra 50K (4th OA, 1st Master and PR) and Mountain Mist 50K (course PR by almost 90 min) in January and at Mt. Cheaha 50K (6th OA) in February. Unfortunately, I also sustained an injury to my previously reconstructed ankle bone and tendon at the Cheaha race, which put a serious dent in my training, from which I never really felt fully recovered, i.e. I lost the little pace I had and never really regained it.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Race Report - 2015 Rocket City Marathon

This face says it all and sums up how this race went for me.
This race was meant to be a training race, while at the same time helping some fellow runners accomplish some personal goals, personal records or maybe even a Boston Qualifier. Unfortunately, the weather did not play along.