Sunday, August 30, 2015

Race Report - 2015 Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc 105 Mile

The Lottery

UTMB had been on my bucket list pretty much as soon as I discovered an interest in ultra marathons and trail running a just short five years ago. What started as a dream to once return to the region I had visited so many times as a young boy during regular annual family trips to the Alps turned into reality almost by accident.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Race Report - 2015 H9 Trail Marathon

Jerry, Ed, yours truly and Paul.
The third part in my Dragon Spine trilogy, the H9 Trail Marathon would be my final training run before the UTMB three weeks later. Once again, I was able to "convince" 3 of my training buddies and friends to come along, Jerry, Ed and Paul. Paul, Ed and I drove to Blairsville in two cars, since I had to leave right after the race to catch a flight to Europe the next morning. This was also the main reason I didn't attempt the 50 mile distance. Jerry took his entire family and decided to camp out, instead.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Race Report - 2015 Ultralobet Gendarmstien 58K

Just before the race start in Krusa, Denmark.
This race was literally taking place in my old backyard. I frequently run from my mom's apartment through downtown Flensburg, along the harbor and the beach until I reach the Denmark border and continue on the old border patrol path, a trail than runs about 60-70k along the coast of Denmark and used to serve as a patrol path for the border guards. I happened to be in Germany to speak at a conference, so I decided to take a couple of days vacation to run this event just 5 minutes from my mom's house. My son was spending most of the summer at his Oma's house and my brother was around as well, so the race quickly became a family affair when both agreed to be my crew for the race.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Race Report - 2015 Cruel Jewel 50 Mile

The three amigos before the race start.
This was yet another race I had selected in preparation for UTMB later this year due to it's significant elevation gain. It was also my second trip to the Dragon Spine, a section of the Duncan Ridge Trail with extremely technical and steep terrain that was also part of the GDR course. This race offers 15,000ft of elevation gain over 56 miles of mostly single track trails. Runners race from Blue Ridge to Vogel State Park.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Race Report - 2015 Strolling Jim 40 Mile

Most of the Huntsville running crew at the start of the SJ40.
I was looking forward to yet another birthday run at the Strolling Jim 40 Miler (well, it's really 41.2 miles, but there's no point in being too specific once you go beyond the 50K distance:-). I hadn't been feeling exceptionally fast these last few weeks, so I knew this could be a long tough day out there in the rolling hills of Tennessee.