Race Report - 2010 Winter Winds 4 Mile Road Race

2/14/2010 08:43:00 PM

After the 2 mile race at 2:00 PM, I decided to run the 4 mile race with my fiancé at 2:30 PM. This was the first time she ran a 4 mile race, so I wanted to be sure to run it together with her for moral support. The course for this race shared the same first 1.5 miles as the 2 mile race and then changed direction. During the entire race, we had a nice view of a small local mountain while running through nice and quiet residential neighborhoods. We ran the entire 4 miles at a very consistent pace from start to finish. It was a very enjoyable race since the weather conditions were really perfect for a race. We had a slight overcast with temps in the high 40s and no precipitation. This was a welcome surprise, because we have had winter weather advisories and warnings all weekend and the morning actually started with snowfall followed by rain and sleet. However, it all cleared before noon. Just by coincidence, I had the chance to meet the gentleman that actually designed both race courses just before the race. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him and the other race volunteers for putting this event together and for supporting us runners before, during and after the race. On a side note, my fiancé already asked me to sign us up for another race next month. I think she might be hooked.

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