Training Log - Friday, February 26, 2010

2/26/2010 01:43:00 PM

Got up at 5 AM to find out that it was 24 degrees outside. Rich's wake-up text consisted of "BRRR". I need to find a warmer place for my running gear. The garage is just too cold in the winter. I met Rich at his office and we had planned to run aroud 10 miles. Those plans were quickly scrapped after we started running and Richard realized that his legs were actually quite heavy from yesterday's spped workout. Well, he didn't hear me complain so we just shortened our run to a short 5.5 mile loop around Research Park, Indian Creek Greenway and the new Midtowne neighborhood. We kept a leasurely pace aroud 10 minutes per mile and called it a day. Right now, I am contemplating running a 10 mile race in Birmingham tomorrow. I know I have to get in some miles this weekend and a race is just more fun that my usual training runs.

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