Training Log - Friday February 5, 2010

2/05/2010 10:14:00 AM

The mornings seem to start earlier and earlier, but once I get going it's alright. Temps are in the low 40s this morning and it's still drizzling outside. I stepped outside my door at 5:15AM. I had new route on the menu for today. I went from my house near UAH to Richard's house at Five Points, picked him up and returned back to my house, where he proceeded to continue his run to his office, after running my neighborhood loop for good measure. He is even less stable than me. Anyway, the temperatures on today's run were fine and I also wasn't bothered by the rain. What did bother me was the headwind I had to deal with for the entire run over to Rich's house. That really blew. I got my 8.8 miles in and we have something even more interesting planned for Saturday, which you will be able to read on tomorrow's training log/race report blog.

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