Training Log - Saturday February 13, 2010

2/13/2010 09:38:00 AM

Getting up at 5AM on the weekend really isn't as much fun as you would think. I woke up to temps in the high 20s. The most difficult part of my run this morning was the walk into my garage to grab my running clothes. I just did not want to go out there. Once I got dressed I drove over to Richard's house, where we would start our trail run. While Richard had originally planned to go for 10 miles, I opted for a 6-7 mile run. I just don't want to overdo it. He was happy with the shorter route and we got in a quality trail run. We ran a section of the Railroad Trail and looped past Fagan Spring to pick up the infamous "Cotton Row" hill towards the end of our run. We both managed to run it and I did recover rather quickly. Of course, Richard figured I must be overtraining since my heart rate did not exceed 170 running up the hill. I obviously disagree. Overall, a good run today. I am looking forward to push the pace in the 2 mile race tomorrow, followed by a 4 mile race with my better half, where I will be running with her in an attempt to keep her motivated through her longest race, yet.

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