Training Log - Friday, April 2, 2010 (Part 1)

4/02/2010 10:33:00 AM

Today was going to be a multi-stage, multi-event training session. We met up at the Madison Skate Park at 5 AM to park our bikes there. We then returned to Mike's and James' office (Richard wussed out) to park our cars and to run to the bike location. This would be a 7 mile run out to the skate park and a 7 mile bike ride back to the office. All in all, it was an interesting workout. I just wished I'd had a little more engery for the run. I was still a little spent from the evening run the day before. However, I am glad I did it. Most of the run was along quite roads (due to the early time) and on the Indian Creek Greenway. It was still completely dark when we reached the Greenway about half way into our run. Yet, there were already quite a few folks out running and walking. Summer is definitely coming. I also finally got back on my mountain bike again. It had been left in the garage all winter and it was finally time to dust it off again and take it for a spin. This should also provide for a nice cross training option during the summer and break up the weekly training a bit. Tonight, I'm out for a short jog with the youth soccer team. I will use that opportunity to get the legs loosened up a bit.

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