Training Log - Sunday, April 19, 2010

4/19/2010 11:30:00 AM

The weather was perfect for a nice short family trail run today. We opted for the South Plateau Loop this afternoon to see how everyone liked running on trails. This loop is perfect for a family run on the trails. It is long enough to be considered a workout, yet level enough not to be too difficult for young runners. It ended up being 3 1/4 miles, mostly shaded with a nice view off the South side of Monte Sano Mountain. I think I've managed to turn my fiance on to running for good. I'm just not sure about my son, yet. He is an athelete for sure, but running does not quite yet have the allure to him that baseball and soccer have, I think. Next weekend, we'll try for another trail on the mountain and see how that goes.
On a side note, on our drive up Bankhead Parkway towards the state park we saw David Riddle running up Pratt Ave, on a training run up the mountain, I assume. Doing our speed work last week, I remember thinking that my Yasso 800s were slower than the average pace David ran during the entire Rocket City Marathon. One man's speed work is anlother man's marathon pace. That is one scary thought, to say the least. It can also be kind of depressing, if you consider yourself a competitive athlete of sorts;-) I wonder what his next big race is going to be.

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