Training Log - Sunday, April 25, 2010

4/26/2010 06:01:00 PM

While a long run was on our schedule, Richard and I opted for a new, shorter run with lots of uphill early on. We ended up running about 7 miles with the first 3 miles uphill. Not a bad run. We ended up running a section on Monte Sano I hadn't run before, the Flat Rock Connector trail section from Bankhead Parkway. Once we reached the end of the road near Highway 72, we headed back through Oakwood and a couple of other roads I don't recall. Anyway, it was a decent workout to ring in our taper week. My body is telling me to rest, while my mind tells me that I'm not ready, I need more miles. Saturday is coming up fast and I am really excited about Strolling Jim, but I am also worried I did not log enough miles. I only have about 200 miles over the last 4 weeks. I hope that's enough. I'm just running to finish ayway. Well, in the upper half of the field, at least.

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