Training Log - Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4/07/2010 11:51:00 AM

Another warm morning. Looks like we might go straight into summer again, skipping spring all together. Three of us assembled at the office again for a Rainbox Mountain trail loop tugged in between a 8 mile out & back on the road to and from the office. Both Richard's and my legs felt slightly heavy while Mike, not having run since Friday, was ready and fired up to go. I realized that I have to start to either stash drinks on the way or start using that neat little Nathan HPL #020 2.0 Liter Men's Hydration Race Vest that I purchased a few weeks ago. Once I've used that vest, I will provide a gear review on this blog as well. We had a slow going today, a couple of shoe and stomach malfunctions (that's all I'm going to say on that). As a result, we did log our 10 miles, just a little slower than normally would be expected. The trail section slowed us down more than usual as well. I never realized how technical (roots, rocks, the works) the Rainbow Mountain trail was. Must be because this was the first time I ran it in actual daylight. All the other times, we ran so early you needed headlamps to see. It is probably better that I started running this trail in the dark anyway. Otherwise, I am sure I would have questioned why we chose to run this trail at all. Now, I just love it.

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