Training Log - Thursday, May 29, 2010

5/29/2010 10:02:00 AM

I decided to go for another 4.5 miler this afternoon. I have been keeping my mileage low in an effort to recover properly from Saturday's trail race. I have one word to describe today's run, "humid". I ran my usual UAH loop and once I got to the open area of the course, with no wind and just the sun beating down on me, the humidity really hit me. It felt like someone was continuously pressing down on my chest as I was trying to breathe. I tried to maintain a somewhat respectible 8:30 pace for a short training run and it felt like I was racing. I am struggling to adjust to the heat and humidity of summer. I need to adjust and increase my water intake throughout the day, not just before, during and after training runs. I am definitely taking tomorrow off in hopes that my little groin discomfort subsides enough to make for a comfortable run. I am afraid to rest too much with the ultra race in Germany coming up in two weeks. I know its good to taper, but this is more than just tapering.

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