Training Log - Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5/26/2010 04:52:00 PM

I figured it was time to go for a recovery run after Saturday’s taxing trail marathon. The blister on my right foot, while bothering me a little bit, did not present any real problems during my short run. Hopefully, it will continue to heal quickly. Surprisingly, the heat did not affect me either. I took it easy and ran 4 ½ miles at a leisurely pace of 9 minutes per mile. I tried out a new pair of Motorola Bluetooth head phones. To my dismay, there were as terrible as the previous set I used. They kept cutting out every couple of seconds. While I can live with the slight discomfort of having some ear plugs pressing into my ear canal, I cannot accept a stuttering running podcast that literally cuts out half of the content due to interrupting the sound every two seconds. I guess I will have to revert back to my wired ear plugs. So much for the advance in technology. I tried both the Motorola MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth headphones as well as the Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD and, quite frankly, they are both useless. I used them with a BlackBerry Curve 8520 and it should have worked seamlessly. However, while the pairing was easy enough and the sound is actually perfect for my purposes, as soon as I started running or moving, the sound started to cut out literally every couple of seconds. That is just unacceptable. As you can tell, this training run was neither eventful and as a result of the shoddy headphones, it wasn’t relaxing either. Hopefully there is something else out there that will allow me to use wireless headphones with my BlackBerry while on the run. Wednesday night I have cross training (in other words, last soccer game of the season) on my workout schedule. I haven’t decided yet if I will go for a run before the game. I feel like a slacker right now, because I’ve only done 4.5 miles since Saturday’s disappointing trail marathon. I need to work on my heat management. A couple of notes on the Scenic City Trail Marathon I ran this past Saturday. Actually, I consider them “lessons learned”: First, don’t bother using any type of Garmin device to track your pace or progress as the location causes your Garmin to provide erroneous data to you. Second, use that issue as an excuse to actually enjoy this race and the wonderful views by running at your pace without worrying about what your watch tells you.

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