Race Report - 2010 Spooktacular 5K

10/30/2010 10:51:00 AM

It was redemption time. I had had a couple of "bad" short distance races over the last couple of months and I really wanted to erase those bad memories as soon as possible. It would be a nice confidence builder anyway right before my big race next weekend. Last Fall and Summer I had been very close to breaking the 20 minute time for the 5K and I had fallen behind a little on those time goals. It's probably largely due to the fact that I had not done any speed training in the last few months, instead I had focussed on longer runs in preparation for my ultras. I had already promised myself to get back to speed trainign as soon as I completed my attempt at the 100 mile distance, but when I toe the line of a race, I always end up pushing for a PR. In short, I came pretty close today, finishing the 5K distance in 20:14 or so after having to "fight" my way through a field of 50 or so runners that had lined up in front of me. Usually I try to line up in the second or third row, but I somehow ended up more in the middle this morning. Anyway, that required me to really play catch up for much of the first half mile and my heart rate showed it. After I hit the 1 mile split, I was able to settle down in a consistent pace. Unfortunately, I settled at too slow a pace to go for a PR. Once I saw my 2 mile split, I picked up the pace again just a little to keep myself in the running. However, I pushed a little too late to break the 20 minute mark, instead finishing 38th overall out of a field of over 600 runners and third in my age group. No PR but a top three finish and I am quite happy. I am finally back closing in on my PR. Once I get back into speed training, I am sure the 20 minute mark will be broken. And now I get to mostly rest for a whole week before my 100 mile attempt.

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