Training Log - Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/29/2010 09:04:00 AM

Well, this really wasn't a training run. I ended up with a short 3 miles. I had decided to renew my gym membership in anticipation of the New Year and my goal to start properly cross training, again. And since one of my running buddies (Richard) will be receiving his new favorite toy, a wifi treadmill, shortly, I figured I'd get out my dusty Garmin foot pod and head to the gym for a little jog on the dreadmill. I am a bit of a tech junkie, so I am all about tracking everything. Since I've been running outside without hitting the treadmill for over a year, I hadn't used my foot pod at all since I got my new favorite toy (Garmin Forerunner 310XT) six months or so ago. No use for GPS indoors so I wanted to use my firt gen Garmin foot pod to track my mileage. Like I said, I am a tech junkie. I started running at an easy pace and the 310XT displayed the proper pace as well as the distance...or so I thought. I kept increasing the pace slightly over the course of 15 minutes as I was trying to get a quick 4-5 miles in the books. I'm supposed to be tapering for a 50K this weekend, so no need for high mileage or intensity. However, when I looked at my watch I realized that while the current pace was accurate, it showed I had only run half a mile while the treadmill showed close to 2 miles. I guess the foot pod wasn't working as expected, so I headed outside to use the GPS signal on my 310XT to calibrate the foot pod. I completed that task after .5 miles or so. Afterwards, I just called it a night. I might have to do some more research on this problem, if it doesn't work the next time I head to the gym for a run. Of course, that won't happen unless Richard ditches James, Mike and me for his treadmill, but he promised that will only happen below 40 degrees;-)

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