Training Log - Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/17/2011 11:44:00 AM

I woke up early, had a cup of coffee with my better half and figured, what the heck, let's fgo for a run. As my fiancee pulled out of the driveway for work, I put on some running clothes, not really sure what I was gonna do once I hit the pavement. Anyway, as I left the house around 6ish, the temps were still in the 40s, but the sun started to warm things up nicely. I decided to just do my usual UAH loop and that I would decide on the distance once I completed one loop. I picked up the pace a little compared to yesterday, but I kept getting stuck and road crossings, waiting for traffic to pass. About halfway around the campus, I realized that I still have not fully recovered from the flu, dealing with chest and nasal congestion. So I decided to keep it short and just do one loop. Hey, short run is better than no run at all, at least in my book. My bones and muscles held up well, although both of my shins are slightly sore now. Maybe because I stretched my calf muscles both pre and post run? Nah, that wouldn't make sense, would it? Anyway, I cant wait to pick up the mileage and speed once all of my physical symptoms subside. It's warming up every day. Some really nice running weather right now.

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