Training Log - Friday, March 4, 2011

3/04/2011 02:25:00 PM

Mike, James and I met up at their office at 6AM for a scheduled "easy" 5 miles. Richard was out, still trying to recover from that nasty cold/flu. With temps in the low 50s already, I had opted for a long sleeve tech shirt. That proved to be the wrong choice as the wind was blowing extremely hard when I exited my car at the office parking lot. Mike and James on the other hand had opted for windbreakers. We took off at an easy pace as indicated by my training schedule. Obviously, this pace was way too slow for James and I had the hardest time trying to hold him back;-) Anyway, we ran the "old" Target loop, passing by Target (hence the name, duh!) running a short offroad section between the Midtowne neighborhood and the Indian Creek Greenway, before reconnecting with the research park loop and heading back to the office. While I got used to the temps after running about a mile, the wind was unreal today. I am glad today called for an easy run and not any speedwork. That would have killed me, trying to run fast into this type of wind. If I'm feeling fine by tonight, I plan to add another short and easy 6 miler to my daily mileage. We shall see.

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