Training Log - Monday, May 23, 2011

5/23/2011 09:35:00 PM

Majority rules, as it should. As a result, I was overruled and the Cotton Row course was selected for an early Monday morning run. As I was driving over to Richard's house, I received texts from Richard telling me that James was now sick and out and Mike was out as well. That left Rich, Jay and myself. Half a mile into the run, Jay's recent knee injury flared up and he had to cut his run short.

That left Richard and I, both of whom had wanted to run the trail course up to the Ranger Station but were overruled by the majority, who had completely disappeared. Oh well, we continued on to finish out a road 6 miler. The temps were nice, low 70s. The humidity levels have slowly been creeping up, as was to be expected. We ended  up running at a slow sub 10 minute per mile pace, both of of struggling a bit with preexisting dehydration. As we finished out the run, I decided that my next run would definitely be a trail run again. It's just a little bit more fun and rewarding to head out into the woods or onto a mountain.

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