Training Log - Friday, July 22, 2011

7/22/2011 06:42:00 AM

Today called for an easy 5 miler and since it's still record breaking temps all across the US, I was glad that Anya asked me to join her for her run at 4:15 AM this morning. While I would've prefered to sleep in a little, I was happy to get my run in before the temps were up in the 80s and 90s again.

The humidity was already pretty high, but it felt much better than the last couple of runs. A couple of minot recent thunderstorms really cooled down the temps overnight. I was glad to log 5 easy miles. I've got a 5K race coming up tomorrow morning and my trainign schedule "expects" me to find time somewhere this weekend to log a 20 mile long run. I'm not sure yet , where that's gonna fit into my family schedule, but it looks like it'll have to be a very very early Sunday morning run.

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