Training Log - Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24/2011 05:14:00 PM

James sent out a call for a run late yesterday, so I ended up with back to back workouts after running last night and meeting up with the crew this morning. Well, it was supposed to be the usual running gang, but the Trice brothers backed out at the last minute;-) That left James and I to try to do mile repeats. I say try, because 2 miles just doesn't count as repeats. I did 2.25 miles as a warm-up running to our meeting spot at Redstone Federal Credit Union and James did the same from his office.

He had suggested a 1 mile loop that leads around the credit union and consists of about half a mile of sidewalks and another half mile of a cross country course. I had never run that loop before and it was pretty cool. After a recon lap to ensure that the course was still runable, James and I took off for our second loop at an all out effort. When I completed the loop, my watched showed a 6:14 minute mile, which wasn't quite as good as I had expected. Knowing that I still had to run 2.25 miles back home and that I still wasn't back to 100%, both James and I agreed to call it a day after 6.5 miles. The temps were absolutely perfect in the low 70s, although the humidity was still a factor.

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