Training Log - Thursday, September 22, 2011

9/22/2011 10:28:00 PM

I did some serious tapering over the last few weeks, but especially this one. Hey, maybe it will improve my performance after all. I've had lots of little nagging issues that have all but disappeared now, so why not try to run a 100 miler this weekend;-) Actually, I am as nervous and anxious as I've ever been prior to any sporting event.

Richard and Jason (a potential new training partner) came over to my house at 5PM for an easy 4.5 miler around the UAH campus. I needed to get my legs loose, Jason wasn't sure if he could get his legs loose after a week of hard workouts and Richard didn't know if he could even run since it'd been so long;-)

Well, Rich certainly was able to run. Less than a mile in, he started to push the pace for some reason. Rich never ever pushes the pace. I think we ended up with a couple of 8 minute miles in there, getting Rich a new PR for the loop. It was a nice flat taper run with friends, just what I needed to get rid of some of that pre-race anxiety. I will be heading to Dalton, GA tomorrow afternoon for the Georgia Jewel 100 Mile Trail Run in time  to pick up my race packet and to listen to the pre-race briefing. Maybe I'll enjoy the pre-race dinner as well, although I will be ready to get to the hotel ASAP. I'll have to get up Saturday morning at 2AM EST to be at the race start for check-in between 3-3:30AM. Oh joy, who needs sleep, right? I definitely won't be getting any between Saturday morning 4AM and Sunday afternoon. 

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