Training Log - Sunday, October 30, 2011

10/30/2011 02:04:00 PM

Today's workout called for a slow 20 miles at minimum 8:30 minute per mile pace. Not what I would call slow, but I neeed to stick to my marathon schedule. Richard wasn't in the mood for 20, so I decided to run from my house to his to add 4 miles and to do the same on the way home to add another 4. That left us to run 12 together.

Well, we ended up running almost 8 together and I cut my total run short by about 4 miles. My upper right hamstrings was starting to feel a little tight and having run mostly on trails for quite a while now, I was only slowly getting used to the "pounding" of the road again. Rich and I ended up running a 5 mile downtown loop from his house before getting some water and heading back out.

I could tell Richard wasn't going to be running 8:30s much longer as he started to have some leg issues as well. When we reached downtown on our second loop, we split up, both heading home in opposite directions. I ended up with about 16 miles at 8:29 pace. The temps were frigid to say the least, never climbing out of the 30s during our run.

Tomorrow's workout will be fun, 6 miles of Fartlek with a one mile warm-up and cool-down. Win-win for everyone;-)

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