Training Log - Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/05/2011 01:03:00 PM

Today, James and I were joined by my colleague and friend Mike Mulligan from Ireland, who is here visiting me on business. We picked him up at the Westin hotel and went for a nice and easy 10K run around Bridge Street Town Centre and Research Park. James worked out a route last night, trying to incorporate some of the more interesting sections of this industrial area. He managed to have us run along a small lake, across some walking bridges on the Adtran campus, across the DNA path behind the Hudson Alpha building and finally up an escalator in the wrong direction (how's that for a hill/stair workout;-).

The temps were in the high 40s when we took off around 6AM this morning. I kept our pace slow and easy as I was still recovering from Georgia Jewel 100M and tapering for the Dick Collins Firetrails 50M. We managed to keep a nice and steady 9 minute pace, allowing us to have some interesting conversations about our upcoming endurance events. Richard and Jay were not joining us this morning, since they started an endurance event of their own (cycling from Orange Beach, AL to Huntsville, AL, 430 miles in 4 days). The last time I checked, they were well on their way, just west of Atmore, AL.

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