Training Log - Friday, November 4, 2011

11/04/2011 11:01:00 AM

After I completed my toughest workout to date at 7PM last night, I received a text from Rich asking our running crew to meet at 5AM for our favorite Monte Sano "hill workout", starting our run at Five Points up Bankhead Parkway and onto Tollgate Trail all the way to the Ranger Station on top of Monte Sano State Park for a nice 10 mile out and back. This run is basically 5 miles up the mountain followed by 5 miles straight down the mountain on some seriously technical trails.

I replied that I was 50-50 for this run as I didn't know I would feel after last night's workout. Unfortunately, I barely got any sleep last night, tossing and turning to no avail, so when the 4AM alarm went off, I figured I might just as well get up and go for a run. It's not like I was gonna sleep anyway. I texted Rich and got ready.

I arrived at his house at 5AM sharp, carrying my headlamp, some gloves and a hat as I figured it would be cold on top of the mountain. The temps were in the mid 40s when we left Rich's house and true to form, Richard couldn't recall were his headlamp was. That meant he was stuck using a wimpy handheld he received for Christmas from yours truly.

Thankfully, this was Mike's first trail run or any type of run in a while, so none of us were in a real rush to make it to the top, which suited me well. I was obviously just a little tired from the run the previous night. Running on these trails just after the leaves started to cover the trails always requires some getting used to. You can no longer see the rocks poking out under the leaves and all of us experienced plenty of toe stubbing and ankle rolling. Oh the joys of trail running, never a dull moment for sure. Because we ended up running just over 8 miles, I figured I'd combine the "easy 5" today's schedule called for with the "easy 4" that Sunday's schedule called for. That meant I could take a break tomorrow before tackling the 20 miler on Sunday.

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