Training Log - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12/13/2011 11:00:00 AM

Today was my first run since Saturday's disappointing performance at the Rocket City Marathon. While I did finish, I didn't get anywhere near any of my goals, oh well. Better luck next time. With that in mind, I'm ready to get back into training. My next big event is the Fuego y Agua 100K race in February in Nicaragua, but I have a couple of ultras and possibly another try at a BQ at a local road marathon before then. I plan to shift my focus to distance and time on feet rather than speed. I do plan to continue to do the speed work, but I will be extra diligent in ensuring that I get my long runs in. In other words, if you have to skip something, skip the speed work but not the long run.

I got up at 5AM this morning and heading to James', Richard's and Mike's office to get a run in. James was running from his house in Madison. I decided to run 4.5 miles from their office and meet him at the bottom of Rainbow Mountain, so we could run a few miles together on the way back to their office. Usually, I would've met up with him at the top of the mountain to get some trail running in, but I'm still hesitant because of my ankle injury. And what does James do on his way down the mountain trail? He rolls his ankle. Hopefully, some ice will take care of that.

When we arrived back at his office, I had logged an even 8.25 miles at an easy pace. I ran the first half at 8:17 pace and slowed a little on the back end, but it was a great recovery run. The temperature was absolutely perfect for running, right around 50 degrees.

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