Training Log - Wednesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/2012 09:38:00 PM

Heck of a workout this morning. When I walked out of my house to drive over to Richard's for the hill workout that my training schedule called for, I really didn't feel like running for the first time in a long time. The weather was dreary, cold and rainy. I headed over to Richard's house hoping he wasn't in the mood for a run either.
When I got there, he was ready to go. Dang, what I had hoped for. We headed out to Cotton Row hill shortly after 6AM. I still felt sluggish. I arrived at the hill ready to start my 12 repeats. I still felt sluggish. Two repeats and recovery jogs in, I still felt sluggish. After 4 repeats, I no longer felt sluggish, now I was just pooped. I continued my repeats inching closer to completing 12 and maintaining a steady pace. On the final hill repeat, I remembered last week's workout when I tried to finish strong and logged a 1:04. I remember James wondering if a sub 1 minute climb is possible, so that's what I tried for today. I almost left my dinner at the top of the hill when I finish. Yes, I am referring to last night's dinner. When I checked my time, I saw 58 seconds on the clock. Success!

When I finished, I was glad I went out and got it done. While I am running the Mountain Mist 50K this Saturday, it is only a training run for my upcoming 100K and 100M races in February and March. However, I still plan to try for a course PR;-)

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  1. Wow! Trying for a course PR? Sub-4 hours in the mud? All right! Congrats on the sub 1-minute climb of puke hill. :-)



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