Training Log - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30/2012 03:31:00 PM

Wow, it's been a while since I've logged an actual training run, but this one wasn't just overdue because of my lack of training runs. This one was meant to regain some dignity after my poor performance at the Cotton Row Run 10K just 2 days ago.

I was still feeling down (and still kinda am) about my race performance from a day earlier when I received the following text message from James on Tuesday: "6AM at Richards? Go for 8-10 hills?" to which I responded "Sure, what time? I need to run that hill after walking it yesterday." I guess I need to provide some background here. A hand full of my running buddies and I had been doing hill repeats on "puke hill" somewhat religiously over the past few months as part of our training for various ultras. It had actually paid off for me in a couple of very hilly races. Unfortunately, that was not the case on Memorial Day when I lined the starting line for the Cotton Row 10K. To make matters worse, puke hill, as we all affectionately call it, is actually the hill we all have to run about midway through the Cotton Ron Run. Since I decided to walk the better part of it on Monday, it was only fitting that I would return 2 days later to show it once more who's boss...well, kinda anyway.

James and I met up at 6AM at Rich's house to run the warm-up mile to puke hill before doing our hill repeats. Before we even approached the hill, James wisely exclaimed that we would do "only" 8 repeats today. Fine with me. I wanted redemption, but I also realized that I was somewhat in a funk. Otherwise, I wouldn't have turned in the performance I did on Monday. About halfway into the repeats, I felt done. When we finally did complete the 8th repeat, I was definitely done. I opted for a short recovery walk after the last repeats before running the last mile back to Richard's house.

While I don't feel fully redeemed by any means (this feeling won't go away until I finally PR another 5K or 10K again), I was at least able to prove to myself that I can run this hill, not once, not twice, but multiple times.

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