Training Log - Friday, June 15, 2012

6/15/2012 09:18:00 AM

Since there really never can be a ¨bad¨day on the trails, let´s just call this one a so-so day on the trails. It had nothing to do with the trails and everything to do with me and my legs and how pooped I felt. I guess the speed workout just 11 hours earlier was still with me. While James was pushing ahead, I kept hanging back on the way up the mountain. When I reached the ranger station, my time was still surprisingly reasonable. I decided to keep it slow, trying to give my body time to recover for tomorrow. I know, you can´t recover while running, but let´s just call it ¨active¨ recovery, since I was running pretty slowly. Our run did take an interesting twist on the way down. While on our return leg on Cold Springs Trail and just before crossing Bankhead Parkway, we looked up and spotted a Ford Focus ¨wrapped¨ around a big tree, which kept it from heading down onto the trail 30-40 feet below. We climbed straight up to see if assistance was needed, only to find to other passers by, who were on the phone with emergency services. Apparently, both the driver and passenger of the vehicle had abandoned the car after impact. Both airbags has been deployed and the entire front end of the car was compressed. I am definitely glad that no one appeared to be too hurt to leave the scene, but I have my suspicions about why the car appeared abandoned after the wreck. Oh well, James and I got an extra climb in and, thankfully, we didn´t need to employ our first aid skills.

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