Training Log - Monday, July 9, 2012

7/09/2012 06:10:00 PM

Rich and I met up at 4:30AM, 30 minutes ahead of our usual time, to get an extra 3-4 miles in. We ran from Pratt Ave up to the Monte Sano Ranger Station, chugged down a whole lot of water at the water fountain and continued on to the South Plateau Loop. After we completed the South Loop we continued on back down the mountain after once again filling up on the water fountain.

I carried my new CamelBak Octane XCT pack filled half way up for the first time to prepare for the extra weight at the self-supported Laurel Valley 35 Mile Whitewater Run. I didn't tout the water in the pack and only drank at the fountain to make sure I kept carrying the extra weight. After having run a little less than me the last couple of weeks, Richard was moving slower, attracting sweat bees and other bite and sting happy insects, so that I decided to push ahead and move just a little faster. I had my allergic reaction from last Monday still fresh in my mind. After all, I was not only carrying water, but also a couple of Zyrtec and an Epipen (just in case the next allergic reaction turns out slightly more serious than the last one, which would be very bad news in the middle of a trail run on the mountain).

Rich and I ended up with a little over 13 miles, which was just what I had hoped. I hope to get 50+ miles this week and closer to 75 next week. 100 mile race training is in full effect.

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