Race Report - 2012 Summer Cross Country 1/2/3 Mile Runs

8/14/2012 09:14:00 PM

I'm a little teary eyed as today marked the final day of the 2012 Summer Cross Country Runs. This was the first year I participated and it has been a great addition to my training. Peer pressure is a great training tool:-) Knowing that there would be a bunch of others showing up to run got me out there even when I didn't necessarily feel like it due to heat, humidity or plain old disinterest. It also allowed me to measure my progress on a weekly basis all they way through the summer. For that matter, it kept me running through the summer. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Jennifer & Steve Carter, the Co-RDs of this awesome racing series. Once a week, I had the opportunity to meet up with fellow runners I would normally only see during the occasional race weekend. It allowed for friendly competition with my fellow racers on a weekly basis as well. Lot's of smack talk all in good fun and lots of XC PRs. I am looking forward to next year, hoping to see the same faces as we suffer together through the heat and humidity of an Alabama summer once again while staying in shape, getting in shape or training for the next big race.

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