Medical Update - Finally some really good news!!!

1/23/2013 09:56:00 PM

Hopefully, I am not jinxing anything with this post. After having been on the phone this afternoon with nurses from all specialists involved, my ankle surgeon and hematologist were able to get their schedules sorted.

My hematologist is admitting me to Crestwood Hospital on Monday morning, where they will start bridging me from Coumadin to Lovenox before taking me off blood thinners altogether just in time for reconstructive ankle surgery on Wednesday morning. Prior to the ankle surgery, a specialist will insert/implant a temporary filter into my main vein to prevent any potential clots from traveling to my lungs, heart and brain during and after my surgery, since I will be off blood thinners for a short duration.

This temporary filter will be removed as soon as my INR levels are back up between 2.0-3.0, the preferred blood thinness levels for people recovering from DVTs and PEs in an outpatient surgery. Once the ankle surgery is complete, they will keep me in the hospital for another day for observation.

I expect to be on crutches for 10 days before getting my staples removed. At that time, my foot will be places in a non-walking cast for 4 weeks followed by an air cast boot for 4 additional weeks, during which I expect to start my formal physical therapy. I really hope all goes well, so I can be on my rod to full recovery very very soon. Who knows, maybe I'll be back to running by April, just in time to continue the tradition of running the Cookie Dash 5 K. Only this time, she will be pacing me. Shoot, I'll probably be lucky to walk a 5K at that time, which would still be a great improvement over the last 3 months:-)

Recovery is my main goal and I am happy to take all the time necessary to get back to actual running.

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  1. Hey I just came through your blog. Its really nice. Its Good to see that you are good now.


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