Medical Update - Slow Progress, But It's Progress

2/19/2013 09:32:00 PM

It's been almost 3 weeks since my last update. I am now 10 days into wearing a non-weight bearing fiber glass ankle cast and I have 18 more days to go before my sports orthopedist removes and replaces it with an air cast boot that I will be required to wear for another 6 weeks. However, I will be able to start physical therapy as soon as the cast comes off and I won't need my crutches any longer, since I will be able to somewhat walk in the boot.

I also realized that the past few months of not running or working out at all have finally caught up with me in form of weight gain, not bad but bad enough. I figured what better way to get rid of those extra pounds than to challenge one of my training buddies (that's right, Richard, it is not only Facebook-official but Blog-official, too:-) to a 4 week weight loss challenge. Winner gets a free ultra race entry.

I got another great piece of news today that will really help me with the mental aspects of my recovery. I had purchased a couple of raffle tickets to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, when I saw Joe Fejes (yes, the Joe Fejes, ultra runner extraordinaire and member of team USA for the 24 Hour World Championships among other things) at last months Mountain Mist 50K here in town. One of the positives of not having been able to run or race for the past few months has been the enjoyment that volunteering at races and hanging out with folks like Joe has brought me. As "fate" would have it, one of my tickets actually won one of over 80 graciously donated race entries. I received free entry into the Coyote Springs 100 Miler on November 3 in Nevada. I'm not sure yet if I can get ready in time, but I will do everything I can to do so...safely and smartly.

Oh yeah, my new "purpose" for my ultra running adventures is also off to a great start. If you're reading this, take a look to the top right column of this post. Please take a moment and click on the link, read my short story and maybe consider making a small donation. If nothing else, you might learn something that could save your life or the life or a friend or family member.

And now, back to recovery...

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