Race Report - 2021 Delano Park 12 Hour

3/06/2021 08:12:00 PM


This will be the shortest race report in the history of race reports. Over the last month, I have been following a strict low HR training plan to rebuild my endurance base after recovering from Covid and to hopefully manage and resolve my perineal tendinitis issues that I sustained in the aftermath of my bout with Covid.

The last time I followed the Maffetone or MAF HR based training method had been 7 years ago. It basically requires runners to use a simple formula to calculate their heart rare training zone, which is rather low to ensure they're training within the aerobic zone to build your aerobic base (basically your running engine). In general, the recommendation is to do this strictly for 3 months before adding or phasing in any kind of higher intensity workouts.

I had run the Delano Park 12 Hour race seven times before. I've had good runs, great runs and some not so good runs. Today was a not so good run. In fact, for me it was the shortest run to date at this event. I pulled the plug at 21 miles after having walked the last 2 miles/laps. The plan all along hd been to run 50K at MAF pace. While my pace dropped after the first 15 miles, I did stick to the HR zone. However, my motivation to run the planned distance waned rather quickly. 

While I missed my goal, it was fun as always to catch up with the local running community in a real race. We're all largely deprived of in person races, so this was a great way to hang out for a bit, even if socially distanced and masked whenever in close proximity to others.

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