Race Report - 2010 Grissom High School JROTC Wounded Warrior 3K

2/06/2010 11:47:00 AM

Richard and I had just finished our 11 mile "warm-up" run when we arrived at the starting line and my fiancee and my son had arrived just minutes before us and I was able to add another layer of clothing for the wait of the race. I had decided to run the race alongside my fiancee for "moral" support on her first race in years. Rich and my son took off after about half a mile into the race. Less than a mile into the race, we saw the race leaders already returning from the turn around point, which was way too early. Well, I figured we'd just be running the same out & back stretch on the greenway twice to make up the distance. Imagine my surprise when people started cheering for us at what I thought would be another turn around point. Apparently, the recent rainfalls had flooded part of the greenway which had forced the race director to cut the course short. I just figured they would make us run the stretch out and back twice rather than finish the race after 1.6 miles. While I certainly understood that weather is unpredictable, I had really wished they would just let people run the shortened course twice. The disappointment was even greater for my fiancee, who had hoped to use this 5K race as a test for next weekend's 4 mile race. Hopefully, they will come up with a better alternative should next year's event experience a similar fate. However, the post race food and drinks were excellent. Subway sandwiches, hot chocolate, bananas, etc. Well done. I just wish it had been a longer race. While I was afraid that my training schedule for today was too ambitious, I am very glad I did run 11 miles before the race. Better luck next year. By the way, the official results showed that my fiancee finished second in her age group. Not bad at all.

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