Training Log - Monday February 8, 2010

2/08/2010 10:08:00 AM

So it looks like I got my morning run in just in time today. It actually started to snow literally one minute after I walked in the door after my run. Go figure that one out. This was definitely not in the forecast. When I left the house shortly after Richard arrived from his house shortly after 5AM this morning, the temps were below freezing, but the forecast predicted a warm-up of 5 degrees by the time I was going to get back from my run. I was bundled up with a base layer shirt and my winter running jacket, reflective vest, running tights, gloves and a hat. My reflective vest has become a staple item for almost every run since I started running this early during the winter.
By the time we left my house, Richard had already logged 4 miles running from his house with a full backpack in preparation for his Chile race. Once we got closer to the office, James and Mike met up with us to run back to the office to drop of Richard's backpack before we would go on another 4 or 5 mile run around the Explorer Blvd loop. All in all, it was an easy run. Once we got closer to the office, I decided to break from the group and turn back home. This added another 3.5 miles to the 8 miles I had just completed. I was on track for my weekly goal mileage of 60.

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