Training Log - Monday February 1, 2010 (Part 1)

2/01/2010 10:45:00 AM

It was yet another chilly morning in Alabama and I wasn't quite sure where I was as the alarm clock ripped me from another wonderful night of sleep. Well, the temperatures were in the low 20s and I still have to get my running gear from the garage. First, it's time for that morning cup of coffee. After that, the temps would have warmed up a couple of notches to a more tolerable 24 degrees. Who was I kidding, I should have just gone to get my stuff from the garage to get ready. Anyway, I meet two of my running buddies at the usual meeting spot, their office. Richard plans to run later today due to family commitments, so I decided for some reason to join him for his run later today as well. What was I thinking? Anyway, it is definitely long sleeve two layer all around weather this morning. We decided to run a rather short distance this morning with maybe a couple of pickups in between. Mike had already run 5 miles from his house to the office and I had another run today, so I was fined with that. Well, someone should explain to Mike and James that a couple of pickups do not mean to keep running faster and faster as the run continues. I kept waiting for the slowdown that never came. Anyway, we got in a nice and fast 4.8 miles and I hopefully have some legs left for the second run of the day at noon.

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