Training Log - Monday February 1, 2010 (Part 2)

2/01/2010 03:30:00 PM

This was a first for me. Two training runs in one day. I figured I'd start taking every opportunity to go running right now. I have some long races coming up within the next 5 months and who knows how busy I'll get in the next few weeks. Anyway, by midday today the temperatures had heated up a bit, so I no longer needed long running pants. Just shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt with a long sleeve fleece top for the warm-up mile. But I ended up not getting much of a warm-up lap. As it turned out Richard was feeling really really good and it showed in his pace. I kept hearing how the three days of rest over the weekend had helped him, etc. and how he felt like pushing. It's my own fault. You can't go running twice in one day and complain that your legs might not be as fresh as your running partner's. In any case, we ended up settling in at a nice pace on Indian Creek Greenway, so that I got another brisk run in for the day. This run turned out to be 5.7 miles, since we ran the entire greenway trail out and back. That adds up to 10 1/2 miles for the day.

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