Training Log - Friday, March 5, 2010

3/05/2010 03:04:00 PM

So I couldn't get my tail up this morning so I decided to squeeze in a short run with my fiancee during my lunch break. I figured I'd do a short luch run and add another short run right after work to make up the mileage for today. I was already in the whole for the week and I wanted to try to catch up as much as possible. My target was 60 miles and I am way short of that right now. Anyway, we left for an easy loop around our local university. The sun was shining and temps were much milder than in the weeks past, around the low 50s. I figured shorts and long sleeve tech shirt and a hat for the sun would be enough. With the wind in the back, I was correct. However, as we came around the corner of the university loop on our way back, the wind really blew into our faces and it dropped the temp immediately. Overall, a nice lunch time run, just the right pace and distance after yesterday's speedier 10 miler.

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