Training Log - Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/07/2010 06:24:00 PM

I managed to get out of bed by 5:45 AM. That was the only way I could squeeze in a short training run before the activities of the day. It was rather cold,considering that the highs of the day would reach the high 50s. It was actually below freezing when I left the house, bundled up appropriately. I was going to run around 7 miles as that was allI had time for. For the second day in a row, my legs felt just a little heavy and that was not a good sign with a 10K race on my training schedule for tomorrow. It also worried me because I have the big 12 hour ultra coming up next week. I didn't think I was at risk for overtraining, but the thought did cross my mind briefly. I figured I'd find out during Sunday's 10K. I ran a 9:30 pace for the entire 7 miles, so I would not push too hard before the race. But still, my legs felt heavy. I am really hoping that the weather is finally ready to warm up. I just cannot handle running in the cold any longer. It has been almost 4 months of running in sub freezing temps. The temps at the start of the race will be in the high 50s, which should  be really nice coupled with a bright sunny and no cloud day. Could it be the first unofficial weekend of Spring running?

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