Training Log - Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/22/2010 09:45:00 PM

'Twas that time again...hill work. Man,was it tough today. Richard and I opted to head towards the infamous Cotton Row hill. No "Eye of The Tiger" tonight (Sorry, you'll only get that reference if you've run the Cotton Row 10K before). One and a half miles there, all uphill already. the "hill" ten times and one and a half miles back. That was the plan anyway. Unfortunately, Richard "croaked" during the sixth uphill sprint. Sorry, Richard, I did feel for you;-( Hope you've recovered by now. So this is how my workout went. First time up the hill, I was definitely sprinting.Yet, Richard did beat me. I think he might have pushed just a little too hard early on. Second time up, I was still sprinting...though with a little less intensity, not for the lack of trying though. Third time, still sprinting...well, kinda. I know I was still thinking in my head that I was sprinting. And there were a couple of people that lived on the street that were shaking their heads while watching us run.So I am certain they also thought I was still sprinting...well, at least running. The fourth time, I was charging up the hill still, well...i meant to. Maybe it looked more like crawling but hey, the first letter was the same. Runs 5, 6 and 7 are a blurr. With the exception of loosing my running buddy half way up the hill on the sixth run. The eighth run marked the final climb up the hill, legs burning, lungs hurting, and heart rate near exploding. We had already run uphill all the way on our warm-up lap, so I figured we could cut out the last 2 uphill runs. It was a pretty tough workout after all and we deserved a break.

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