Training Log - Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4/21/2010 11:14:00 AM

Another 4:30 AM wake-up call, another night cut short. At least that's how I feel. But I do love getting the workouts done in the morning before heading to work. After leaving the usual meeting place at the office of my compadres around 5:15 AM, we kept a leasurely pace due to different ailments and pains within the running group. It seemed only James had fresh legs or at least he was acting that way, pushing at every hill. Well, that's really not unusual for James at all. In any case, we kept a slower than usual pace to stay together. The temperatures weren't really inviting you to the outdoors this morning either. How could it be down in the 40s again? Never mind, I just added an extra layer (wind breaker) and that kept me warm. Richard, on the other hand, did not and his "cold -blooded" genetic predisposition (I never used that term before;-) really made him miserable, to say the least. Apparently, his upper extremeties started to go numb on him, moving from the hands up to the elbows. Poor guy, especially with me more or less asking him to suck it up. We ended up running our usual Rainbow loop, a short two mile trail loop sandwiched between 8 miles of road running. It's a really nice way to break up the consistent pounding of the asphalt. Anyway, we all finished the run together, logging a little over 10 miles as planned. I did another short 4 miler after work on Indian Creek Greenway, which should keep me on target for my goal mileage for this week.

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