Training Log - Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/2010 09:15:00 PM

Today, we decided to do some speed work. Since I really dreaded doing 800m sprints again, I made sure to download another speed workout from my Garmin Training Center to my Garmin 310XT. Last year, I accidentally came across of very targeted Garmin Marathon Training Schedules for download on the UK version of the Runner's World website. These workout schedules have been an excellent tool for my training in the past. I frequently used it when I was training alone. Looking at the fact that I did not PR during last weekend's 10k race for the first time in a while, I figured it'd be time again to train with a purpose. No more "junk miles". Today's workout called for a one mile warm up and cool down and three 2 mile tempo runs at 90% of my maximum heart rate. It was tough, but all three of us did pretty well. I know a lot of poeple don't like all that technology for running, but I love the ability to analyze any kind of running data and the ability to use heart rate target zones for your training cannot be overestimated. Not sure yet what tomorrow's training run will bring, but I know it won't be speed work.

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