Training Log - Friday, August 20, 2010

8/20/2010 09:26:00 AM

I finally got the opportunity to try out my new Inov-8 Flyroc 310s this morning. I picked up Richard and we went to Monte Sano mountain for a short flat loop around South Plateau Loop. The first things that happened as soon as we hit the trails was my Garmin Forerunner 310XT dying on me because I forgot (for the first time ever) to recharge my battery. Lesson learned. Second, I am not sure if I was overly cautious or not due to my existing blisters from last weekend's race, but it seemed that my heel still wasn't really held in place as steady as I would like it to be. While I have been using the Superfeet Green insoles in my road running shoes (Brooks Defyance 2) without any problems, maybe I need to try to remove the Superfeet and go the factory insoles to see if that improves the heel fit. These shoes were definitely tighter around my heels that the old 295 model, though which is a plus already. I did check the sole and the heels are again slightly run off towards the inside. I am not sure what is causing this as I have no such problems with any other of my shoes, I was using the much heavier/beefier Mizuno Wave Ascend 3 prior to switching to the Invo-8s and they did not show that type of wear either. I look forward to putting the new shoes to the test in a run longer than 4 miles and without the Superfeet insoles to see if that makes a difference. I like the feel of the Inov-8s but I have to eliminate the blister problem permanently. The run felt good, wetaher was nice and I really didn't need the water bottle I had brought. The humidity and temps on top of the mountain were much milder than in the valley. I think I'm going to stick with AM running for a while longer.

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