19 August 2010


Question of the day: Why do I listen to Richard? Answer: I have no clue. Anyway, I did. Richard and I met at the bottom of Rainbow Mountain to run the two and a half mile trail loop up and down this little gem. Richard decided we should run in our Vibram FiveFingers to change things up a bit. For clarification, this was supposed to be a light recovery job after a strenuous self-supported ultra marathon last Saturday. So far, I had only "run" 8 miles in those things and I knew running up a small mountain on rugged trails is properly not conisdered "easing in" by any stretch of the imagination. Well, here I was figuring how bad could it be, it's only two miles or so. Again, I need to remember to use my head. It had been raining and my VFFs had no traction, unlike Richard's VFFs. So half a mile into the run, I slip and land on my left heel on top of a very hard rock. This coaused a nice bone bruise at the bottom of my heelp. To make matters just a little worse, I started feeling a pinch under my big right toe. I thought I'd caught some debris or something in my VFFs. No such luck, it is actually a hotspot or small blister that is now bugging me. All this being said, the run was actually a lot of fun. I am sure I will get over these little injuries just like I do with all the other little nagging injuries....which is never;-) After partricipating in sports alomst all my life and recovering from strained muscles, fractured ankles and torn ligaments (but never requiring any surgery until last year, to remove growth from my ankle after tearing a ligament), I have found that ever since I turned 35 a few years ago, I don't seem to fully recover from anything anymore. Injuries just kind of fade into the background, only to flare up in the strangest moments, like screaming in pain after sneezing, because you strained an abdominal muscle in a soccer game 2 months ago...or forgetting to stop the 3 Ibuproven a day regimen you started some time ago for one injury only to realize that you kept taking them for other injuries that followed the first one. Anyway, I'm not quite forty yet and I will continue to believe that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, until I am proven wrong;-)


  1. "like screaming in pain after sneezing, because you strained an abdominal muscle in a soccer game 2 months ago..."

    My, my I thought I was the only one who was suffering from that one. I strained mine a couple months ago and it is still bothering me.

  2. @john.goodieNope, it just doesn't seem to go away. BTW, thanks for reading.



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