Training Log - Friday, December 3, 2010

12/03/2010 10:11:00 AM

Another freezing morning. The weatherman describes temps in the high 30s, but it was definitely the low 30s when I stepped out of the door. My car's windshield was frozen inside and out. When I finally made my way to the usual meeting spot at James, Richard and Mike's office, everyone was already waiting, ready to get going. While Mike was still out (work? sick? not sure, I am getting mixed information from my running crew), James brought along another runner and an ultra virgin, Ed, who joined us and who happens to train for his first ultra marathon, the Mountain Mist 50K here in Huntsville, Alabama on January 22, 2011 (Ed, you better get some trail running under your belt before Mountain Mist;-) The three of us opted to run mostly roads today, heading through Research Park and towards Bridge Street Mall and Target on the weay back for an easy 8 miles or so. Half way into the run, James and Rich thought it'd be a great idea to run down an escalator the wrong way. It definitely got my mind refocussed. Would have been too embarrassing to fall during a little challenge like that;-)

I had almost run out of warm running clothes, so I ended up running in my Brooks winter running jacket with a short sleeve tech shirt underneath and running tights, gloves and a running cap (I had run out of all my winter running hats). It kept me toasty enough and it didn't really warm up by the time we finished up our run.

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