Training Log - Monday, December 6, 2010

12/06/2010 12:56:00 PM

Nice, the coldest morning of the year, yet. On the schedule, our usual trail run from Five Points up to Monte Sano Mountain and back, basically a trail run straight up the mountain (on Tollgate Trail, Cold Springs Trail, State Park Ranger Station) and back down the mountain for a run close to 10 miles out & back.

We all met up at Richard's house at 5:15 AM, well most of us, Richard, James and I. Mike was stuck behind a train. When Mike finally arrived, we took off on our usual route. Richard had to turn around early and once we got to the to the Land Trust parking lot on Bankhead Parkway, we started picking up the pace a little, for no apparent reason. And once we got going,we really didn't slow down much. Instead, we ended up pushing down the mountain on the way back as well. The result was a time almost 15 minutes faster than our previous best. Once I got in my car, I realized that an actual sheet of ice had formed inside the bandana I was wearing around my neck to keep the wind out. Thankfully, we were all well prepared for a cold run. I was wearing three layers (one too many), long CW-X running tights, fleece gloves and hat as well as a neoprene half mask covering my nose and mouth. I had no problems with the cold at all. I was actually a little too hot. So, bring it on Father Frost! I am ready!

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