Training Log - Thursday, December 23, 2010

12/23/2010 07:30:00 PM

Today, I decided to take Anya out for a trail run. Since she is training for her first half marathon, I figured I'd take her on a trail run to break up the monotony of her road long runs. However, to prevent injury so close to her big race, I decided to choose a flat trail and there is none better, or flatter for that matter, than the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge trail. This trail runs along the Tennessee River between Huntsville and Decatur. I ran this trail for only the third time, but it is quickly becoming a favorite run of mine. It has a few side trails and jeep roads to venture out on or you can just stay near the river.

Anya and I decided to run along the river out and back for two hours, which would end up being around 10 miles. It was a perfect day for a run, a little on the cold side (30 degrees) but the sky was clear and there was no wind to speak of. I actually ended up dressing to warmly, unable to shed any layers later in the run. My winter running jacket clearly needs to stay in the closet unless the temps are in the low teens. It ended up being a great run and I can't wait to do it again.

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