Training Log - Thursday, January 20, 2011

1/20/2011 06:50:00 PM

Are you supposed to be able to feel your hands while running? I definitely didn't today. We started our short 4.5 mile run from my house after work today and headed towards UAHuntsville for our usual short loop, but the weather kinda surprised shouldn't have...but it did. I was wearing shorts and a couple of tech shirts thinking that would be sufficient. It wasn't. We started out running in the high 3 with a light rain. One mile in, it started to sleet. Richard wasn't loving it. Actually he hated the weather and he let me know it, too. And with every comment from him regarding the weather situation it got worse. We went from rain to sleet to actual snow. Thankfully, I warmed up a bit. While we weren't lighting it up speedwise, we did go faster than usual when we just try to loosen up our legs before a race. Suffice it to say, Rich didn't have a good run, I did;-)

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