Training Log - Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/19/2011 04:53:00 PM

'Twas a wet one today. I met up with the guys at Rich's house at 6AM for an easy 6 miler. We decided to run the Cotton Row 10K course. I suggested we actually run it in reverse for a change, allowing us to get the hill out of the way early on in the run. The temperatures were areound 38 degrees and we started off our run with a light drizzle. Thankfully, that rainy mist died down quickly and the temperatures were actually quite nice for the run. We are getting closer and closer to the Mountain Mist 50K this weekend and we ended up discussing each other's goal for the race.

It looks like James will be pushing for pace (eyeballing a sub 6 hour finish) while Mike and Richard juat want to finish because of lack of proper training due to illness and due to general "unfitness", respectively. Personally, I think both should be fine even if they decided to push, but that's just me. I, on the other hand, have no goal at all at this time. To be exact, I am torn between staying with James and pushing for a sub 6 hour finish or going out easy and just enjoying the run. However, I took it easy last year, so I probably should try to push to see what I can do at this point. Rocky Racoon 100 is still two weeks away, so even if I push the pace a little, it's just a 50K and I should have enough time to recover from that.....right?

Either way, it will be fun. I am sure I'll know what to do once Saturday comes. If you asked my running buddies, I'm sure they'd tell you they know already what I'm gonna do because I just can't help it;-) We shall see.

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